Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 4 - Jan 31st - Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

It's time to make our way further south. Today we head to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. This will be our embarkation point for the voyage to Antarctica.

After a transfer to the airport we begin to check in only to find out that due to an emergency landing into the airport that morning, one of our places has been bumped as passengers are moved from the other flight to ours! Ah the joys of international travel and Argentine airlines!

So as to keep the group together I opt to take a flight out of another airport and hand over responsibility to Frank Nugent, our mountaineer and historian, to escort the group on the flight to Ushuaia…no better man!

I follow on later on a different flight…finally arriving in Ushuaia about 4 hours after the group. Nevermind, it's great to be back in Ushuaia and it's a beautiful day that greets us.

As you approach the airport you see the jagged peaks of the Andes mountain range providing a beautiful backdrop to the city. Flying into Ushuaia is quite a unique experience in itself as the airport is located on a small spit of land with the runaway running along the length of it, the water of the Beagle Channel on each side.

We have travelled to an approx. latitude of 55 degrees south so we are now as far south of the Equator as Ireland is north of it…and obviously we're still not done…we have more "Southing" to do tomorrow.

So after a quick freshen up it's on to our restaurant to meet up with the gang. Based on the reception when I walk in the door the party has obviously started! We've also been joined by our last two members, Patrick and Paula, so the gang is now complete!

Dinner is at Maria Lola, a restaurant perched on a hillside overlooking the Beagle Channel. With a beautiful sunset, the views provide a great backdrop.

Dinner finished some of us continue on to a local bar, the Dublin pub…yep, an Irish bar, for a nightcap. A lively couple of hours is had before we all turn in to get some sleep in preparation for the big day ahead tomorrow…Antarctica here we come!

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